Our Services 

Gims Care Solutions provides high quality homecare and support services to keep you safe and comfortable in your own home. 

Flexible Homecare 

We offer a unique choice of flexible homecare and support services tailored exactly to your needs. These could be anything from a 30-minutes visit to 24 hour live in care. You may want short term help after an illness, or you may require respite care because your usual carer is having a break. Whatever your needs, our dedicated team of carers are happy to talk to you about your requirements. 

 All of our carers are subject to an enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check before starting to work with us and receive all the training and support necessary to fulfil their caring role. They are fully insured when working in your home.  

Our Services include: 

Care in your home 
Learning disabilities care 
Physical disabilities care 
24-hour care 
Live-in care 
Dementia care 
Domestic Support 
Sleeping/waking nights 
Respite Care 
Holiday cover care 
If you don’t find the service you require please call our friendly team to discuss. We would be happy to talk to you about your homecare and support requirements. 

Supported living for young people 

Gims Care Solution is a specialist youth engagement, education and semi-independent housing provider which supports vulnerable young people at risk of social exclusion. Gim Care Solution is run by experienced staff from educational, social and health care background who are passionate about improving life chances for young people and their families. The organisation was registered in 2016, and we have a number of fully licensed and insured residential placements with Multiple Occupants (HMO’s) offering 52 – week support, education and assessment to both young men and women typically between the ages of 16-21yrs. 
Gims Care Solution have been involved in introducing innovative ways of working with young people and championing best practice in developing services and creating a strong and effective relationship between families and the professionals who serve them. 
We specialise in providing help and support to young people who have often experienced long periods of time in care by preventing them from becoming socially excluded and young people who have experienced absence from education and exhibit emotional and behavioural challenges because of post-traumatic stress. We help transform lives through our services which include residential and semi-independent living, by taking a holistic approach and having a focus on the core values of being non-judgmental, providing care and empathy. 
We accommodate young people who have varying needs which may include; 
Attachment disorders 
Challenging behaviour 
Autistic spectrum disorder 
Attention deficit disorder 
Mild/moderate learning disabilities 
Self-harming behaviour 
Mental health issues 
Drug and alcohol abuse 
Gang involvement 
Disinhibited behaviours 
Young people at risk of abuse or exploitation 
Eating disorder 
Creating social change 
We work in close partnership with Families, Local Authorities, Professionals, Youth Justice and many other stakeholders to contribute to the wellbeing and progression of young people. 

Evidence based approach 

Throughout all of our services we would capture the views of young people experiencing transition. Parent/Carers, Health and Social Care Professionals and sector guidance all contribute to our cycle of improvement. 
Our staff carry skills across several disciplines enabling us to offer different types of intervention work with our young people and also enabling them to settle down and experience the stability and consistency of care that enables them to develop positive attachments. 
Our support plans are tailored to meet the individual needs of young people, encourage positive progress and act as an evidence base of professional practice. By monitoring a young person’s progress at regular intervention points we can constantly use a cycle of “Plan, Do, and Review” to assess all the elements of their intervention plan. 
Gims uses a variety of models of Intervention and Prevention to help foster a whole set of personal strengths and skills that prepares a young person for adult life, we have mentoring scheme for young people who are vulnerable to involvement in crime. 
An established key worker system is in place at Gims Care Solution, thus providing an allocated member of staff who becomes a primary contact for outside agencies. We believe in listening and working together as a team to capture a youth led voice that informs our working practices. 
We also ensure that we proactively facilitate a young person’s access to a range of academic, vocational therapeutic activities and will being resources. 
We work closely with the local community and other Multi-agency to support young people access a wide range of pre and post 18 services that will assist them gain more independence, development of their citizenship qualities and understanding their rights as they transit to young adult life. 

Core Aims 

Our aim is to provide high quality, effective support to vulnerable young people, in additional we want to go a step further and inspire young people to raise their aspirations and reach their full potential; with the foundations of a safe, settled and nurturing home environment. 
Every day we will work towards enabling a young person’s journey through the care system to become one that brings them a step closer to believing that the system does not have to define who you become. 
“We cannot change the past for you, but we can help you design a future where you have the skills, resilience, courage and networks of support that will catch you if you fall, praise you when you achieve and always remember to be kind to yourself and others”. 
Gims Care Solution believes that our semi-independent housing for young people staff and partners are part of the cycle of positive influence that is embroidered into the DNA of our organisation to ensure that we are always aiming high and building a platform that allows young people to achieve the best possible outcomes. 
We cannot avoid the circumstances that place young people with us, but we can ensure that they are supported, accepted, safeguarded and offered every opportunity to believe in the prospect of leaving the care system with a bag full of tools, knowledge and experiences that empowers them to look back with pride and look forward with a compass full of direction, purpose and a vision. 

Value Proposition 

Our values are still based on the principles of "Every Child Matters" 
We will support and encourage young people to be healthy and not fear the need to use health services and engage with professionals 
We will support and encourage young people to manage risk and stay safe and be able to express their concerns and worries in a safe space. 
We will engage young people in activities so they can enjoy and achieve during their transition to adulthood with positive memories and creative thoughts. 
We will support young people to make a positive contribution within their local communities, families and places they reside and be seen as more than just a young person 
We will support young people to understand the economics of life and independence to achieve economic wellbeing and social independence. 

Semi-Independent Living 

24hr Manned and Single Housing Solutions 
Our semi-independent houses are staffed 24-hours by members of our highly trained team. Service user support is increased or decreased as required and in consultation with the placing authority to meet individual needs. 
Every support plan is unique with special consideration to those with learning difficulties (SEND) and/or disabilities, as some may require 1:1 support 24 hours per day. 
We use a range of models and frameworks as the one size approach does not meet the needs of young people who are diverse, unique and on occasions simply misunderstood. 
1:1 Key-working sessions will develop a wide range of skills in areas of need to develop a safe level of independence so that they can safely transition into their next destination of independence. Their transition will also include an introduction to our Outreach program that can continue to support them in the future where necessary. 

Respite Care: 

Gims Care Solution offers respite care in the form of short-term or long-term substitute care for young people with significant social emotional challenges and disabilities or young people in a crisis situation. 
Our expert staff offer a personalised care package in partnership with agencies and other professionals to ensure that the care of the client adheres to all core care standards. 

Emergency Placement 

Gem Care Solution have the ability to place young people who is at risk and in need of emergency accommodation for variety of reasons which may include alternative to secure accommodation, remanded to local authority or assist young person to comply with the directions of court. 
In these instances, Gims Care Solution and the placing authority must take all steps to provide as much information as possible on the relevant risks and needs of the young person. Placing authorities seeking an emergency placement should send a comprehensive referral to Gims Care Solution a placements team. 

Long Term Placement 

Change starts here 
Gims Care Solution understands the importance of creating and sustaining a nurturing environment combined with unconditional positive regard, especially in times of crisis. 
Our long-term placement package offers an environment that contains consistency, stability and structure with clear boundaries. Trust, confidence and self-esteem are built when young people recognise that the adults caring for them are committed and will not let them down. 

Admission Process 

Moving can be a daunting experience. 
Gims Care Solution hopes to make this process as smooth as possible for all involved, ensuring young people are placed in the correct service and receive the appropriate level of care to meet their individual needs. When considering referrals, Gims Care Solution will always prioritise meeting both the needs of the young person referred and of those already in placement. We aim to respond to all referrals within a 24-hour period. 
We will make every effort to appropriately match any young person to the most suitable placement. All referrals received by Gims Care Solution semi-independent service will be managed in such a way as to ensure minimal disruption to the young person referred, the young people already in placement, staff and the general running of the home.  
For us to make an informed decision, we ask that local authorities send a comprehensive referral to our placements team, highlighting the young person’s behaviours, risks, needs and background history. 
Our placements team will review the information and liaise with the home manager as to whether a placement can be offered. We will always be mindful of a young person’s cultural, religious, communication, and dietary requirements. 

Children Services 

At Gims Care we understand that while your child is young, they need the best support they can have in order to help them achieve the best they can in life. We provide many services for children and young people from the age of 5 to 18 years old with different disabilities e.g. physical disabilities, learning disabilities, sensory needs, ADHD and Autistic spectrum disorder.  
We will support you even if it’s only part time and you just need a break for the day, you can count on our care support workers to be there for you no matter what time of the day or how long you need us, whether it be 2 hours or 24 hour support. 
Our care support workers will support your child with various activities and helping them to achieve their goals and aspirations in life. 
We will help with daily living skills. 
Helping with cleaning 
Helping get dressed in the morning and at night 
Schools runs and accompanying to after school clubs 
Trips and activities to places they enjoy or any other outdoor/indoor activities 
Preparing meals and school lunches 
Helping them with independent skills like; Brushing their teeth, dressing themselves, putting their clothes in the wash, tiding their rooms, clearing away and washing plates etc. 
Waking night or sleep-in service if needed 
Full home care for the holidays or any other time needed 
How we will support you and your child 
At Gims Care Solution we know that nobody knows a child like their own parent or guardians. Therefore, we believe that it is best that we work together with you the parents to give you the feedback each day about the development of your child and what they achieved that day. Home care is by far the best way to support a young person with any learning difficulty or disability as they are most comfortable inside a place they know very well, and everyone knows there is no place like home. 
We know your child can be a handful at times, so at Gims Care we will support you in every way we can to keep up with your child’s high demands and essential needs. Our care support workers are well trained and have experience working with children and young people with special needs e.g. physical disabilities, learning disabilities, sensory needs and Autistic spectrum disorder. They will help you and your child to live a happy and stress-free life while helping them to achieve an independent life in the future. 
Gims Care Solutions is renowned for using a highly personal approach that tailors a solution for each client that is individual as them. 
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