Live in & Emergency Care 


Finding a solution for keeping your loved one in their home can be a daunting process, especially when it comes to having total confidence in a company to provide you with the right team. At Gims Care Solutions, we take a person-centred approach to live-in support and care. Our service promotes independence and choice whilst providing comfort, companionship and support. We are capable of providing professional and personalised 24-hour care and support.  

Live in Care 

Our Live-in Care Services are offered generally, to not only support our clients but to allow families total peace of mind that their loved ones will receive first rate care within familiar and secure surroundings. Our carers take all of these elements into account to provide low level or medical-led support tailored to you or your loved one. We work with our customers, their loved ones, their GPs, hospitals and other organisations to deliver the right amount of live-in help. 
Gims Care Solutions exceptionally provides a relief carer the day before your main carer takes a break as usual and at no extra cost. This means that you can relax and know that all your requirements are understood, needs are met and care will continue non-stop. This is mainly important for those with anxiety and memory difficulties. 

 24 Hour Care  

Our 24-hour care service is designed at supporting individuals who either require a high level of support throughout the day and night or who do not wish to have a live-in carer or sleep-in support. 
We can arrange for a carer to look after your care needs during the day, and another carer to be with you throughout the night. Carers will handover at a time suitable to you. Both carers will be able to support you with any personal care requirements that you may have, as well as assisting with domestic chores. 

Waking / Sleeping Night Cover 

Waking night cover means our carer will be awake all night to undertake any care needs that may arise. If you have care requirements at regular intervals during the night, for example you need to change position or go to the toilet every couple of hours, the carer can perform those tasks but during the rest of the time the carer can undertake domestic duties such as laundry, cleaning, etc. as necessary. 
Alternatively, if your care requirements mean you just need someone to be there just in case you need them then a sleep-in service may be the answer. In those circumstances the carer would need a bed to sleep in and would immediately respond to any requests for assistance. The sleep-in service works well with a tele-care service that monitors for example, a person’s movement or continence and sends an alert to the carer when assistance is required. 
Please note that during the sleep-in service, if our carer is disturbed more than twice during the night, the sleep-in service automatically reverts to a waking night service. 
The night service may be provided as part of a larger care package or as a short-term measure to assist during a period of acute illness. 
For more information on any of our services please call us on 01375 430 037 or send an email to 


Gims Care specialises in providing rapid response emergency care for people who require help at home quickly; people being discharged from hospital after an operation, those who have been let down by their current care provider and those who have unexpected illnesses, including end of life/palliative care requirements. We have many years experience of providing emergency care for both elderly people and young adults.  

Flexible Approach 

Sometimes events happen so fast that families are left looking for emergency care for an elderly relative or younger person who has been in an accident; and there is no time for the usual home visits and assessments that usually precede the start of care. 
Our flexible approach to urgent care at home means that there is always a way of getting your loved one home. It may mean a detailed assessment conversation over the telephone or a local care manager may be close by and able to attend your family home or hospital immediately. However the circumstances unfold, you can be reassured that you will still receive the best immediate home care and thorough professionalism from the Gims Care emergency support team and carer. 
Each emergency care situation is different, but some common scenarios we regularly give immediate support to include: 
Rapid response for an unplanned discharge from hospital. 
Situations requiring emergency home care such falls and accidents. 
Emergency support when another agency has let a family down. 
Help when unforeseen circumstances occur and a family has other commitments. 
Urgent palliative care so a loved one can return home and have the comfort and dignity of dying at home. 
Gims Care Solutions is renowned for using a highly personal approach that tailors a solution for each client that is individual as them. 
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